Your Content Sucks! (My Shoulder Just Shrugged)

You can truly earn 10′s of thousands online. More importantly, you can totally be an explosive blogger with loads of subscribers but you won’t.

Do you know why? Obviously not, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article. Right?

None of what you are going to read has been pulled out from my behind, neither is it some miracle reasoning that you were completely  unaware off.

Most failure online, is your own fault.

I don’t mean to sound like a Jackass, but if it means getting my point across and helping you – I accept the role.

The biggest and most important factor online is content. No matter how you present it, where you present it or when you present it – if your content sucks, so will the results. I don’t believe the nonsense SEO guru’s throw in our faces about private networks or Blackhat, Whitehat or whatever color hat techniques.

Plain and simple, Content is the key to success online.  Read more »

writing,treasure box,writer,write,online writing,writing online,marketing,content creation,content creator Do you feel like a small fish lost in the big blue sea? (Do you feel like Nemo?)

Perhaps you construct seductive headlines with hot content but only a handful of readers stop by and visit.Sadly, this trickle of visitors can also be huge misers - It’s rare to get any sort of engagement or interaction from them.

That sucks. It does.

But somewhere along the way, you may have lost your man-hood or lady-purse. You did, because if you held onto it, all the keys were in it and unlocking the doors to success as a writer wouldn’t be such a daunting task.

To help you, I designed this guide.

With these 10 Keys that I’m about to deliver into your lap you will become a successful writer.

I want you to immediately after reading this article, print it or preferably write these keys down onto a page. Then, I want you to choose ANY one key and use it right now.

Got it? Good! Read more »

As a freelance writer, my USP can be penned down to one word: ‘Useful’ 

It’s exactly the kind of content I create, the brand I market and the manner in which I conduct business – in a useful way. Now, with that being said, there are many ways in which a freelance writer can be Useless. It’s a harsh world and online, you have to either please or avoid the tease all together. Read more »

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Words alone can turn you on!

It’s a fact, why? Words aren’t exactly tangible and neither can you physically touch words so how is it that such a creation be so powerful?

That’s just the thing about words, they’re powerful. 

Why are social networks so powerful? Why do people pay writers? Why do people buy Books? Why are words at the center of our existence?

Because Words fuel Desire.

Off the bat, when you miss someone, what do you do? Read more »

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Do You Have A Passion For Writing?

Believe it or not, many writers are turning to freelance work online which is proving to be more profitable and rewarding than any old boring day job you may hate.

You may not necessarily need to quit your job, freelance writing grants you the power of earning passive income on your own terms.

It awards you complete control over the amount of time you wish to invest online, the content you publish, the niche you desire to write about and how much you want to earn. If you want to be a freelance writer and have no idea where to start, fear not – I have created the perfect guide just for you.

Without wasting any more time, below contains a brief summary of what each chapter will teach you and how it can be of vital importance to you: Read more »

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You probably needed a complete list of ways to write better without being too overwhelmed, which is why I put together these 50 ways to write better.

I did my utmost best to include every single way possible to write content that will blow readers away even more than clients.

Some are Obvious, some are not so obvious whilst others are completely new.

Without further ado, Read more »